Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well, its about time!! sorry guys!

Well, everyone has probably quit even bothering to check this blog, so i guess I'm writing to an audience of none! But its fun knowing that I'm taking up space in the infinite emptiness of cyberspace. I'd just like to re-establish the fact that there is no consistency in m writing - my spelling is crap and i am no good at putting the right capital letters in the right places. get over it or read another blog! lol. I havent put anything on here for months, not since i got back from the states I'd love to have one of those awsome excuses but i dont - i just cant be bothered to sit on my butt in front of a screen for ages typing about my life when i already know it all and few other people are likely to read it. so that raises a question - why on earth am i writing on here at all? well that answer to that is... clearly that.. umm... i just bla bla murmermurmer...rubarb.... WELL! now that that is all sorted out, lets get on with it!!!
The summer was sweet for me, definitely a good memory! a few tough parts and such, hard things to get over, but we live and learn and if we losen up nothing hurts much - everything is good medicine! I'm more set in my desire to be a musician than ever. its tough and I'm pretty discouraged just cus my writing sucks and i feel like im getting nowhere, but i still want it more every day so i keep working at it. If any one out there has any magical tips on songwriting lemme know!
I'm now at college which is weird. I mean i love it and its fun, but I not getting very organized which is a probelm as I've been going for more than a month. I'm still not getting to bed on time ( cuz im doing stupid stuff like writing blogs etc.). My music A-level is difficult, loads of it is going right over my head, masses of technical stuff that is way beyond me so some prayer for that would be sweet. I'm also realizing that keeping up my faith is gonna be a bit more of a of than i thought. Gorgeous girls that know how to flirt, guys that take plenty of drugs and get hammered regularly, and just the general gossipping, swearing, shagging, doping load of it. pray. I wanna be an honorable guy in such a dishonorable world - its not so easy!

Well If i get of lazy ass again soon, there'll be more, maybe a little less pessimistic next time! until then good night cyberspace!


P.S. th picture is me with Jon Jameson, a friend of my brother in law Jeff, at Jeff's wedding to my sister bethany. dunno why i put it on here!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Last Words

Well, I'm at my last stop in the states before heading home and I'm feeling kindof pensive. It's just weird that I've come to this place that I thought was gonna be so spiritually dry for me and have learned such a huge amount in such a short space of time. It took my about 5 months to form any real freindships and then two weeks later I left Ohio and said goodbue - probably for ever - to these people that I had suddenly come to love. man life is weird.
I want to start over when I get home. I'm just waking up to how pathetic I've become in my spiritual walk - what happened to that Bo who wanted to change the world and see hearts unchained and strongholds broken? I wanna become that guy again. I want to learn to love people all over again. Being the new kid for 5 months has woken me up to just how much new kids in our church must suffer when we ignore them. Don't get me wrong, most of as are pretty good at being friendly and polite, but so often we dont really put in an effort and go the extra mile to bring in an outsider. I want to present that shining picture of Jesus who loves first then asks questions later to all the people I meet, even the ones I did'nt want to meet.
Now for a quick subject change. I dont know if the case of Terri is well known in England. Terri is a middle aged woman who in her twenties suffered some severe brain damage and was confined to a bed. she cant do anything including speak or really move, but she smiles at people she knows and clearly has mentall capabilities. she's been this way for several years now and her husband recently went to court stating that he wanted her feeding tube and all water removed from here, and somehow that judge granted his wish. so for 14 days now terri has been deprived of all water and food and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Bush tried but cant get enough of the senate to sign a bill to have her fed. She's just sitting there in a hospital hanging on to life and this time the legal system that I so heartily endorse is completely failing to protect an innocent helpless person. makes me sick... a couple of twisted men are standing in the face of the entire american population and starving a helpless woman for the sake of convienience. And even the president cannot legally override the decision. This world is getting evil. I just found out while writing this that she has finally died. God Forgive Us

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Well, We've left our house in Ohio and are heading for Florida. We've stopped off for a few days at my great aunt's house in Tennessee (not a clue if thats spelled right!) and last night they had a "music night" in their basement. It was pretty cool, although I think I've had about all the country bluegrass music I can handle!! There were ancient men with ancient geetars, banjo's, slide geetars and southern accents. Interesting! And last night I learned to play the MANDOLIN!!! I learned about 6 chords and worked out the intro to Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly - pretty awsome!! just another few weeks and I'll be home!!!!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Hey Guys,
It's been a while since I've put anything on here, but at last I've found some time and I've gotta let you all know about whats just happened.
On friday I went to retreat for young guys called Crysalis. It was held in a huge church building and there were about 26 guys there none of whom I knew. I got there at about 7:30, and ate breakfast. No clocks or watches were allowed on the weekend so by the end of breakfast we had completely lost track of the time. That was really cool cuz we never worried about time, we just let the leaders tell us when to do stuff. We had 5 talks a day, with really short breaks in between, so it was pretty intense. The theme of the talks was the way God loves us. All day on friday, people gave us things, cooked us great food, and just did other simple acts of unrequested love so that by the evening we were all pretty blown away. That night we did a thing where we wrote problems or burdens that are getting between us and God, and then nailed them to this huge cross, that was really powerfull. All day we had been told about how much God loves us, and this was just such a powerfull ending to the day and it left us all broken and weeping. The thing is, there was ZERO emotional "atmosphere", just some guy with a guitar playing some pretty simple stuff and singing, but the truth of what we'd learned that day and what we'd just done was overwhelming. After about an hour of crying and praying together, we were told to go to bed without saying a word, and we were all kindof annoyed. We'd just gone through such a powerfull moment together, and now they wanted us not to talk about it!! But we did as we were told and the outcome was unreal. Because we couldn't talk, the only way to express to each other what we felt was with hugs and knowing looks that said "man, God really loves us!". That night we all became brothers in the most incredible way, no one said a word, but we all just knew it.
The next day was even more incredible, the speakers went deeper into this endless fountain of love that God gives us, and we spent lots of the day crying like babies and wondering what happened to the cool, conrtolled guys that had walked into church the day before. People from all over the world sent us letters of encouragement, telling us once again that God loved us and that we should dig deeper into him. We all recieved so many gifts from people we didnt know, crosses, notes, stuffed toys, and all sorts of silly stuff that meant nothing other than the fact that people who didnt know us at all had chosen to spend time and money to love us. That evening we were led to the main sanctuary of the church, and as we walked we were all sining the song "I'll Fly Away" at the top of our lungs. But as we got nearer the sanctuary we started hearing some other song, and walking in we found about two hundred people, each with a candle shining in the dark, singing a simple song about love, I dont even remember the words. They all lined the isles, packed tight against one another, and as we were led in single file around the church, each one of them stopped singing just long enough to reach out, take our hands and say "Jesus loves you!". I was totally bewildered. I've never felt so truly loved in my life. I didnt know a single on of them, some of which I later found out had traveled 80 miles to be there, yet they each looked directly into my eyes with a look of true love and said those incredible words. About halfway around the room I simply burst into tears and fell into the arms of the nearest person, I just couldnt belive or understand it all, and he held me there and just repeated those words to me over and over. We were eventually led to the front of the room and as we lined up before the altar, we started to sing the song with them and then we couldnt believe what happened. As we took up the song, the people who had been in the room left us! They carried on singing and slowly walked out a side door, leaving us broken and amazed, nearly drowning in our tears. Almost 200 hundred people had come, some travelling for over an hour, simply to tell 26 guys that God loved us, and then left again, not asking anything in return or even waiting to be thanked. We were left standing there feeling confused and shocked and slowly wandered off to dark corners of the sanctuary to sit by our selves and think about what had just happened. I sat alone and felt so confused, what on earth did it all mean? I had to sort something out with God, but I couldnt work out what it was. So I slowly went up to the cross at the front of the room, and knelt there asking God what he was getting at with all of this. I wasnt crying anymore, and I just sat there bothered that I wasnt grasping it all. I felt someone kneel next to me and put his arms around me, and opened my eyes to see it was one of the few guys who I hadnt really spoken to since I'd been there, and as he just stayed there hugging me and telling me Jesus loved me It hit me! He had no reason to hug me, we'd never even spoken - he was choosing to, those people who came to tell me that they loved me had no valid reason to do so but they did, all the people who had sent us gifts and letters didnt have to, they just did. This was Agape love, these people were loving me simply because they had been loved in the same way by Jesus, and now they were choosing to love me like that. I know this is dragging on, but I just cant get over it. On sunday, after the final talk, we were each given a huge envelope full of letters. Each one was written for me personally, some by people I know - thanks guys! - and loads from people I've never known who had been given my name and were praying for me all weekend. The letters were just encouraging me to walk forward with God, and of course we were all weeping again! I cant figure out how they pulled that of, getting all those letters from people I knew and some I didn't. Then there was a huge service afterwards and all of our families came and we each had a chance to share what we had discovered over the weekend. Lots of the guys wept in the pulpit as they tried to put in to words the love that was poured out on them over the weekend. I didnt do a very good job myself.
What I'm getting at with telling this ridiculously long story is just that I want to put across the magnitude of love that is found in God's heart, all that love we were given was from God's own heart, flowing through his servants. None of it was deserved or even asked for, but it was given anyway, and that is the way I want to live. This love is contageous, it brought together 26 complete strangers into a solid group of brothers, simply because when we realized how loved we are, we couldnt help but pass it on to those around us. As Christians we have each been given acces to that never ending fountain of love, and the more we wake up and realize it, the more love we will have to pass on. Now I realize why Christ's death was so powerful - because that unconditional, extravagent love is not just life changing, it is WORLD CHANGING. Capable of breaking EVERY barrier, healing EVERY wound, touching EVERY hard heart. AGAPE IS THE ANSWER. If we choose to love like that - unconditionally, selflessly, unreasonably, sacrificially, extravagantly, not by impulse but by choice, then nothing can hold us back in this world, no mountain will EVER be to high, because that is love that flows directly from the heart of God everlasting.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Hey Guys!
I'm not sure how many people knew this but about a month ago I took a test called the GED ( General equivalence Diploma ). Its a test for people who want to earn an American Highschool Diploma but didn't go to highschool or were homeschooled like my. It was a pretty tough test that covered Science, Mathematics, Sociology, Writing etc and took two days. Well anyhoo, I just got my results back and I passed nicely!! My score was better than 88 percent of the people who took the test and I now have a high school Diploma! sweet huh? But it kindof leaves me wondering what on earth I'm gonna do from here, what comes next? I don't have a clue. Pretty scary, but I guess kindof exciting with the prospect of discovering life with god by my side.

Friday, February 18, 2005

and again Posted by Hello

Well here, as previously promised, are the pictures of my mexican babe (so to speak) as well as one of Dad's Strat. nice huh? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005



Ok, for you fools who did not grasp the obvious implication of the previous paragraph, I guess I'm gonna have to spell it out for you - I GOT A NEW GUITAR!!!!! When we first came over here, I bought myslef a Squier Telecaster and it was nice - kindof. Well... there was nothing really wrong with it, but it just wasnt exactly as plush as the real thing. I was dying for something smoother and a little more dreamy - eg. Fender Telecaster...DUN DUN DUUUUN!
So I saved up over the last two months and then on monday we drove to toledo, went to this almighty shop called the guitar center that has walls and walls covered with guitars,and did some trading. I gave em my old Squier Telecaster and $200, and in return they gave an Arctic White, Made in Mexico, Standard Fender Telecaster. And there was much rejoicing. It is twice the guitar that my last one was, has a smooth neck that just plays like it should and the sound thrashes anything my last one had to offer. I'll get some pictures on here soon as we now have a digital camera. HOW GREAT OUR JOY!!!!!